Rhodes Music Corporation benefiting from vintage Rhodes forum

As I’ve said before, let’s hope the new Rhodes Music Corporation (RMS) pays more attention to detail with the Rhodes Mark 7 than they do to their website. Multiple grammatical errors on the RMC website have been reported in forums at http://www.fenderrhodes.com/forums. These forums consist of folks who are fans of the vintage Rhodes pianos….and because of that, there is also interest in the new Rhodes Mark 7.

Mysteriously, soon after these errors are reported on this fan-administered website, they are corrected on the RMC website. And this is not only happening with their website. When the Rhodes Mark 7 was unveiled at NAMM 2007, many folks questioned the placement of two USB ports on the face of the Rhodes Mark 7. To most, it seemed like the worst possible place to put such a thing, offering no benefit over a USB port place somewhere else on the piano….say with the other ports (1/4″, MIDI, etc) on the side of the piano.

Again, this feedback was placed on the fan site (www.fenderrhodes.com) and soon after, RMC had photoshopped those USB ports out of all of their images of the Rhodes Mark 7. To my knowledge, no thanks or acknowledgment was given to the fan community for their, what amount to, free consulting services. But I think I speak for many vintage Rhodes fans when I say that no thanks were ever expected. We all want the Rhodes Mark 7 to become a mass-produced reality for one reason or another.

And if we can help make that final product better, we will ultimately benefit….thanks or no thanks.

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  1. w.a.daponte says:

    I am convinced the mk VII is a scam. Has anyone actually SEEN one? I have emailed them several times, never a reply. Here in nyc, not a single music store has ever seen one or knows how to get one. The web sight speaks of a 2007 introduction, here it is 2 years later andno rhodes. The only thing I can find out about rhodes music corporation is that they are importing items from china, which flies in the face of their claim of an american-made instrument.

  2. Sheree Carlson says:

    Rhodes music owes my company Rhodes Music Corp. $4742.93, this is a grossly past due amount.

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