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Big Beers in North Carolina, thanks to Pop-The-Cap!

Wednesday, August 24th, 2005

Recently, the efforts of many North Carolinians, organized by Pop The Cap, saw House Bill 392 signed into law. This effectively raised the allowable ABV in beer from 6% to 15%.

As of this writing, the Pop The Cap Blog is reporting that one Big Beer is in NC at this time, but more great beers are on the way! Apparently the hold up is with the distribution logistics. I’m sure they’ll have that all worked out soon.

If anyone hears of new, good beers in NC, please post a comment saying what you drank and where you drank it!

Dining at home with Chef Paul Coleman

Monday, August 1st, 2005

Paul Coleman, professional chef and personal friend, called me at work this past Friday with great news! He was in the supermarket picking up food and was planning on coming by and preparing my family dinner at our house! What a treat!

Anna and I love hanging out with Paul….expecially when he’s cooking a meal. The dinner was crusted pan-seared tuna, yellow rice, and steamed vegetables. And it was fantastic!

On a related note, Paul will be filming a pilot for his original cooking show titled: “Ess’Paul” (Translation: “It’s Paul”). He has already written the opening theme music for his show. I look forward collaborating with Paul on this project. We’ll let you know more as we can!