Welcome to the official archive page for MoTucky! – Motown Cover Band Extraordinaire!

So, I was in this band, MoTucky! – a motown cover band. We had a great time, learned alot of motown music, and decided to move on. I’ve collected some of the pictures, write-ups, and music here for your enjoyment.

Motown classics are challenging to cover because many of them have numerous instrumentation layers. For example, the song Be Thankful for what you’ve Got, performed by William Devaughn, contains drums, bass guitar, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, organ, vibraphone, lead vocals, and backup vocals.

Other Motown songs we covered, in addition to the instruments above, contained multi-part strings and horns, piano, electric piano, and various percussion such as tamborines, bongos, and congas.

Needless to say, we did the best we could with four members. I’m glad I gave it a try. It kept me in practice and I learned a great deal about this impressive genre of music. We also branched out and played music outside of the motown genre. Give it a listen!

Who is (was) MoTucky!?

(left to right from picture above)

Joe Waddell (Keyboard/Vocals):
Mr. Waddell brings an enthusiam for vintage keyboards and organs to MoTucky!. As required by many, if not all, Motown hits, Mr. Waddell plays a Hammond organ with Leslie speaker and a Fender Rhodes electric piano. Having served as a bassist for many years in various touring bands, Mr. Waddell easily combines the needed organ foundation with horn and string melodies to add a needed dimension to the powerful sounds of MoTucky!.

Paul Coleman (Drums/Vocals):
Although classicaly trained in voice, Mr. Coleman has gained an uncanny proficiency in percussive skills. Mr. Coleman obtained his first drum set at age 14. Constantly practicing in his parents basement, he soon gained the respect of local musicians and song writers. Eleven (11) years and one half-dozen drum sets later, Mr. Coleman has collaborated in a variety of musical projects. His most recent involvement include funk, rock, and pop styles. To satisfy his thirst for the sounds of Motown, Mr. Coleman recruited for his Motown cover band project, which he now calls MoTucky!.

Jeremy Tart (Bass/Vocals):
Mr. Tart is a seasoned bass guitarist, playing over ten (10) years in many local bands. Before this, he was classically trained on the Miracle Keyboard. Spending hours, and days, at a time to perfect his hand/eye coordination has enabled him to succeed in playing not only piano, but bass, guitar, and percussion instruments as well. With a deep appreciation for Motown hits, Mr. Tart provides a solid foundation for MoTucky!’s success .

Danny Davis (Guitar/Vocals):
Raised on backwoods, bluegrass music, Mr. Davis brings an emotionally attached playing style to MoTucky!. He fuses both creative playing with the intense technical skills needed to play some of the most challenging Motown hits. Although Mr. Davis was discouraged from rock music at an early age by his local community and church, he has since matured into an accomplished guitarist, vocalist, pianist, and bassist. Mr. Davis has self-produced many professional recordings and continutes to apply these skills in benefit of MoTucky!.

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