Scribblin’ is an instrumental rock band from Carborro, NC. We also pursue unique musical creations of our own that seem to defy classification.



Scribblin’ is (left to right):
Mark Pettit – Bass
Paul Coleman- Drums
Ric Palao- Guitar
Joe Waddell- Keys (not shown)

Ric reflects on the history of Scribblin’:

This unit we got together to play instrumental rock a couple of years ago. Like most of my musical efforts, it was sporadic. But, it yielded a really strong bond between Mark Pettit bass, Paul Coleman drums, and myself guitar – this is Scribblin version 1.0. Three years ago (this has been going on a while) Pettit moved to Wisconsin to study. Paul invited his buddy Joe keyboard/synthesizer/noisemaker over for a jam and we smoked some great jams. We’d play occassionally – this is Black Cat FMOS. Anyway, a year ago Pettit ran out of steam and money to study in the great white north so back to Carrboro he came. Lucky us. We all got together a few months ago and jammed and now we’re writing and rehearsing material for a show. It’s pretty awesome. This is Scribblin version 2.0! I’m psyched. Watch your ears! Anyway, those recordings are just practice. We’ve learned alot from them already.

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